Reprint Journal and Divining Divas

So nice when someone writes you out of blue, asking for permission to reprint a poem of yours, first published in an e-zine and forever archived in dusty electrons, because someone else has turned him onto you and he read your poem and admires it. Thanks, Tammy Ho of Cha for suggesting my name, and thanks, Reprint Journal, staffed by editors who refuse to divulge their names, for reprinting "If the Fire Is In Your Apartment." Republished today, Feb 14, the poem reads more than ever like a health warning about love. Thanks too, Shit Creek Review, for liking the poem first.

Another reprint appears in the anthology Divining Divas, edited by Michael Montlack. I am one of 100 gay men who contributed poems on their muses, according to the collection's subtitle. I love the velvety feel of the cover, with its Klimt look-alike. My poem "Study #5: After Frida Kahlo" is a part of the title sequence of my latest book Seven Studies for a Self Portrait. Thank you, Michael, for the inclusion.


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