53rd Birthday

I had a lovely day. It was also the start of my spring break. In the morning, did a bit of work for Singapore Unbound/Gaudy Boy. Took a nap. Read Krystyna Dąbrowska's Tideline, yet another wonderful book of poems by another contemporary Polish poet bought at AWP from the terrific Zephyr Press. Her poetry reminded me of Cavafy and Szymborska. In the evening, GH took me to Osteria 106 where we had a delicious dinner. And then, back home, we watched two episodes of The Amazing Race and dreamed of traveling around the world. 

Here's "Wooden Figure of a Hunchbacked Dignitary" by Krystyna Dąbrowska: 

All his life he tried to hide the dromedary 
ridge within the splendor of distinction and accolades. 

He obtained all possible honors, 
among them the love of a beautiful woman. 

At last he climbed so high 
he had the right, like a king, 
to disguise himself after death in a perfect body 
chiseled by a famous hand. 

He could have gone on for ages, 
straight pillar of strength. 

But he asked to be carved this way. 

(translated by Mira Rosenthal)


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