Monday, March 13, 2006

Payday Loans (1 of 31)

“Poets who cope with everyday vicissitudes by saying them do not tend to produce fully formed, self-standing "poems." We have neither the luxury to be detached craftsmen nor the divine grace to lose ourselves completely in great imitations. Rather, it is each one's persistent attitude that is his poem; the whole book is a more objective poem than any of the poems.” Paul Goodman

To which united state can I apply
for the position of official bird,
or unofficial, when what seems preferred
are local fliers states themselves supply?
And rightly so, Heart twitters in reply,
for countries to prefer what they have spurred
to song or flight into a foreign word,
or what adopted, like the cuckoo. I,
alas, am not a cuckoo-clock or bald
two-headed eagle and it is too late
to try to be either. But I have hauled
my famine long-distance from the Strait
of Singapore and now quaver to be called,
so I can crash-land at the correct gate.


Rob Mackenzie said...

I like the last four lines (excellent close) and the first four. In between I wasn't so sure, especially the "heart twitters in reply" section - are you saying that the heart resigns to the reality that countries will prefer the way they've usually done things? The syntax seems a bit strange, and twitters seems an odd choice.
Or maybe it's early and I'm not yet awake enough to crit a poem.

Jee Leong Koh said...

Hiya Rob,
thanks for reading and leaving a comment. Way to go for NaPosomething...

Jee Leong