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Went to the Race & Poetry & Poetics in the UK (RAPAPUK) Conference in Cambridge, UK (Friday and Saturday, Oct 26 and 27). Initiated and co-organized by Dorothy Wang. The theme of the conference was, aptly, "Legacies of Colonialism." Priyamvada Gopal was most incisive and insightful about the possibility and meaning of "decolonizing Cambridge." I also learned from Walt Hunter's paper ‘Riot of Sound: Claudia Jones’s Carceral Poetics’ and Chinelo Ezenwa's paper ‘Stifling Indigenous Agency through Translation: the Igbo Psalms and a Poetics of Decolonization’. Dorothy was at her polemic best in her presentation 'Whither Poetry Studies?' There were poetry readings during both evenings of the conference. The first night showcased four experimental and performance poets. The second night, which I liked better, showcased three page poets, among whom Will Harris and Mary Jean Chan stood out, for me.

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Counting Song

I've a new poem, "Counting Song," in the anthology of new Singaporean writings in CHA.

After four days of events, the 3rd Singapore Lit Fest in NYC ended on Saturday. I think I am most proud of having given a platform to a diversity of voices while keeping the quality of writing and performance high. The most important step forward is to democratize the curatorial process. Having been the sole curator for the last two festivals, I'd like to have two other people join me on the selection committee. I have someone from the USA. I need someone from Singapore.