Thursday, June 08, 2006

Cut by an edge, the body hurts

Cut by an edge, the body hurts
another with its knives.
The second spears the third who shoots
the fourth, and none survives.

There is no safety in distance,
in diamond or decree,
no sanctuary within the fence
of anonymity.

Give me your name, beautiful Stranger,
though the hearts misgive,
come closer to the bodies' danger,
cut me and cry, forgive.


Rui said...


interesting new direction, this series. pretty different from your previous work, or at least the stuff you've posted here. more playfully enigmatic, not so direct and immediate. interesting use of rhythm too - with the occasional break in the regular ballad / hymn meter adding variety to what could otherwise become rather monotonous after a while.

waiting to see how the whole series takes shape.

cheers. :)

Jee Leong Koh said...

Hi Rui,
the series tries for something more conceptual, less enmeshed in my daily, personal experiences. I'll follow it and see where it leads me. Thanks for reading.

Jee Leong