Thursday, October 05, 2006

This water streams between the banks

This water streams between the banks
of a subterranean track.
It cannot carry pulp or foam
nor shrug them off its back.

I've waded in the muddy Nile
and walked with Eliot's Thames,
dreamt by carp-bellied Singapore,
delivering gurgling names.

Sure, this foul trickle does not grow
from glaciers or from glades,
but from the fractured concrete cast
silently cascades,

still it descends from the same sky
as the Ganges and the Styx,
elementary the water
a rat, fat with rats, sips.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jee Leong, I tracked this poem from Poets101 to your blog. It has a nice feel to it and I enjoyed reading it. Excellent work. I then read some other examples of your work; suffice to say you are a well performed poet.

I have a blog, 'Poetry from the Orchard' at where I post poetry only. Please drop by. I would like to link to your blog if it is okay with you.

Regards, Ivan

Jee Leong Koh said...

Dear Ivan,
thanks for your nice comments on the poem. Please feel free to link to my blog.

Jee Leong