Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Meridian's Best New Poets 2007

Wheeee! I am going to be in Meridian's Best New Poets 2007.

Meridian magazine, from the University of Virginia, publishes this annual anthology. Each year, Best New Poets features the work of fifty emerging poets selected from nominations by writing programs, literary magazines and an Open Internet Competition.

Here's the announcement by Jeb Livingood, Series Editor:

We'd like to congratulate the following 50 poets, whose submissions to Best New Poets 2007 were selected by Natasha Trethewey [My note: Natasha Trethewey's Native Guard won the 2007 Pulitzer Poetry Prize]:

*Name* *Poem* *Source*

Beth Bachmann "Nesting" Open Competition
JoAnn Balingit "History Textbook, America" Open Competition
C. Bentley "Fortune" Open Competition
Erin Bertram "[Mesmerist]" Open Competition
Craig Blais "Sister at the Airport" Wichita State University
Kara Candito "Carnivale, 1934" Florida State University
Natalie Diaz "Why I Don't Mention" Open Competition
Christina Duhig "What Places, Things" Open Competition
Robin Ekiss "Vanitas Mundi" The Virginia Quarterly Review
Kelly Erlandson "Reliquary" Open Competition
Elyse Fenton "Gratitude" University of Oregon
Brett Foster "The First Request of Lazarus" I M A G E
Liz Gallagher "A Poem That Thinks It Has Joined a Circus" Open Competition
Scott Glassman "Drinks Over The Medusa Fossae" Web del Sol
Benjamin Gotschall "Bait" Open Competition
Alex Grant "The Steps of Montmartre" Poemeleon: A Journal of Poetry
K.A. Hays "Serotinous" Black Warrior Review
Todd Hearon "In the Garden" Harvard Review
Chelsea Jennings "Landing" Open Competition
Kristin Kelly "Endings" Open Competition
Elizabeth Knapp "Betray" Open Competition
Christi Kramer "Biography of Awe" PRACTICE: NEW WRITING + ART
Elizabeth Langemak "A Brief History of Sainthood" Open Competition
Jee Leong Koh "Brother" Ledge Magazine
Natalie Lyalin "Freak Inside The Heart" University of Massachusetts
Ed Madden "Sacrifice" Open Competition
Dora Malech "A Shortcut" Open Competition
Michelle McEwen "Blood" Open Competition
Tyler Mills "Violin Shop" Indiana Review
Tomas Morin "At Klack's 1941" Open Competition
Laura Newbern "In the Jewish Cemetery" Open Competition
Matt Nienow "Six Ways Of Looking At The Moon" Open Competition
Julie Sophia Paegle "Clock & Echo" The Cream City Review
Cecily Parks "The Fern Seed" River Styx
Sarah Perrier "Pitch the Woo" Open Competition
Catherine Pierce "Epithalamium" Open Competition
Christine Rhein "One of Those Questions" Michigan Quarterly Review
Margaret Ronda "Walking Late" The Eleventh Muse
Jamie Ross "Peterbilt" Northwest Review
Donika Ross "Ceremony" University of Texas
Robert Sawyer "How I Know She's Coming Home" Open Competition
Robin Beth Schaer "The Liger" The Greensboro Review
Morgan Lucas Schuldt "Triptych for Francis Bacon" Sentence
Brandon Som "Alba: The Archer Yi" Open Competition
Rebecca Wadlinger "Pet Fungus in Our Zoo Rehearsing the National Requiem" University of Texas
LaWanda Walters "Her Art" The Antioch Review
Fritz Ward "Grief is Simple Interference: Endings Overlapping" Memorious
David Welch "Tribute" Open Competition
Jordan Windholz "Psalm XXV" University of Colorado at Boulder
Greta Wrolstad "Notes on Sea and Shore" Black Warrior Review


Peter said...


Jee Leong Koh said...

Thanks, Peter. I enjoyed reading your blog.

Harry said...

Congratulations, again!

Jee Leong Koh said...

oh, thanks, harry.

Lee Herrick said...

congratulations! well-deserved...

Jee Leong Koh said...

Thanks, Lee. All best for your book launch. Will be watching out for it.