Tuesday, November 06, 2007

"POETRY" November 2007

My favorite poem of this issue is Fleda Brown's contribution, three sections from her poem "The Next Clause": FOR, OR, and NOR. OR is swirling thought set to stunning music:

The first four bars of Beethoven's sixth, the Pastorale,
repeat and repeat, always with variation: or, and or,
something to violate expectations, not fully antiphonal,
only an oar dipped into the measure to make an interior

swirl, pulling the craft slightly to the side, yet ahead,
still: little cupped trails alongside to mark where
the mind turned, questions were asked, and shed,
before moving on, nothing that can't be repaired.

I am eager to read the fully complete sequence.

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Rui said...

I wonder what difference it makes, knowing the music, or not. I've had the 6th running through my head the whole day since reading this.