Saturday, July 12, 2008

Travel and Helium

I'm visiting London and Paris over the next two weeks, and then Singapore in the following two weeks. There is a gay pride reading in Singapore, on 7 Aug, that I am participating in. It's the same series, called ContraDiction, at which the government banned my reading of "Come on, straight boy." This year, I'll be reading parts of "The Book of the Body," if they are approved by the censors. I'll post some travel reports in this blog, and, hopefully, a few poems during this time.

Joined Helium last month, a "citizen journalism outlet offering a platform for writers to write articles on topics about which they are knowledgeable." You write and post articles, rank other people's articles, and get paid. My 8 articles have earned a grand total of $ 0.13 since I joined. You get paid more, I think, if you write about travel, restaurants, auto, and stuff that people really want to read online. The site is addictive. My short essay on my first ball game, and a review of Lahiri's Unaccustomed Earth won me my second writing star. I can't wait to get my third writing star, and my second rating star.

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