Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Reading at Wholesome Earth

Mike Geffner curates the Monday Inspired Word Reading in the Mexican restaurant Tierra Sana in Forrest Hills, Queens. I read there last night, but not before drinking a delicious zapari (white wine and lime), and a couple of sample-sized cups of merlot. 

I read ten of my ghazals from "A Lover's Recourse," and they went down very well with the audience. It changed my strange idea that my ghazals are better read than heard. The emcee described my reading as Shakespearian, by which she meant, I would like to think, sonorous and cadenced. She elaborated later that my voice was so soothing, that she would like to fall asleep to it. I'm not sure what to think of that compliment. 

I was the sixth reader of eight altogether. Eight different readings were a lot to absorb for an evening. No open-mic. During the earlier part of the evening, what sounded like a religious service was taking place in the private function room at the back of the restaurant. I could not make out the Spanish, but there was some preaching, and much recitation after the leader. Poetry at the front of the restaurant, religion at the back. 

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