Thursday, April 22, 2010

The Pillow Book: 27. Japanese Things

27. Japanese Things

xxxTamagotchi. The highest standard of living in Asia.
xxxA third language offered in secondary school, besides French and German.
xxxComics illustrating love between men, created by women for women.
xxxHugging pillow, also called a Dutch wife.
xxxHis cock still inside me, the man answered a call from his mother in Tokyo.
xxxSuicidal sects. Asymmetry.
xxxAfter the Japanese occupied Singapore, they purged the island. Among the men shot at Changi Beach were donors to the China Relief Fund, men with tattoos, and Hainanese. The death toll is claimed by some to be 100 000. The Japanese claims 5 000. The truth is buried in between.
xxxThe Red and White Song Competition. Akina Nakamori.


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