Friday, August 06, 2010

Boston's Green Man

We tramped along the Freedom Trail all yesterday, starting at Boston Common and ending up, drenched by rain, at Bunker Hill. The obelisk is undergoing restoration, and so we could not climb to its top. We celebrated instead by getting an ice-cream from the ice-cream van.

The highlight of the trail, for me, was our tour of the Massachusetts State House. Our guide, a sandy-haired young man, showed us the Representatives and Senate chambers, and the "Sacred Cod." The other highlight was the green man, a beautiful green-shirted apparition we kept running into at different points of the trail: Cobb Hill cemetery, Washington Bridge, on the gang-plank of the USS Constitution.

SK found a gay-friendly restaurant called dbar, out in Savin Hill. We had some fine food and wine there, beside a cute couple, and near a long table of celebrating men. The night we danced away at the Estate, in a dead alley next to Emerson College. Young kids, bad music, expensive drinks. No green man in sight.

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