Monday, October 25, 2010

Conceptual Art at Dia and Elsewhere

Visited Dia at Beacon last Saturday with GH. Was entranced by Sol LeWitt's Drawing Series, an on-site work that made the rooms into a chapel, and Robert "Spiral Jetty" Smithson's glass and mirror sculptures. I would have liked to go to the edge of Michael Heizer's negative sculpture, North, East, South, West, but it was cordoned off by a glass barricade. The former biscuit factory was a beautiful place to view the art. I had never had as strong a response to Conceptual and Minimalist art as I did that afternoon. It needs the space it cannot get in museums. Even Andy Warhol looked good here, represented by the serialist work, Shadows. Lunch was in a diner in Beacon, with T and D, and S who was visiting them from London.

On Sunday, GH and I walked round Williamsburg, looking at recent and new condominiums. GH is working on converting a commercial building for residential use, and so took lots of photos of windows, doors and walls. He was excited to stumble on a house, which he saw in a magazine. The small converted warehouse had a "green" front wall. We ate a tasty brunch at the nicely restored Roebling Tea Room, walked about some more, and then took the L train back to the East Village.

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