Friday, December 10, 2010

Poem: "That's What Comes From Being"

That’s What Comes From Being

Whenever I write you it blends & morphs into so many others. That’s what comes from being informal, I guess. Or not cool. Or erotic.
—Emily Critchley, “When I say I believe women…”

Or historical. Or wayward. Or a river.
Or The Daily Show with Jon Stewart.
Or an all-boys school. Or not possible.

Or lucky to be taken up by women
without children. Or with children.
Or stricken by the chicken pox at 17.

Or a big fan of Hainanese chicken rice,
tender white meat or roasted drumstick,
dipped in a hot chilli sauce with garlic.

Or fanatic. Or unable to speak in tongues.
Or a coward who reads Nietzsche for fun.
Or a gay teacher at an all-girls school.

Or listening to Bach on the bus this week.
Or a demilitarized zone. Or a poet.
Fill in the blank. Or circle. Or formal.


Patricia Markert said...

This is so playful and fun, a dream to read. Thank you.

Jee Leong Koh said...

I'm pleased you enjoy it, Patty.