Friday, March 18, 2011

The Thursday Special

I will be celebrating my 41st birthday in Cincinnati. Who would have thought? Flying out there today, with  GH, to meet his family and friends. GH will meet his clients too, and drive back furniture he stored with his parents. This will only be my second trip to the American Midwest, after the writing residency at Nebraska City. Cincinnati is just north of Ohio River and Kentucky. GH told me that there is a high place where you can see Ohio, Kentucky and Illinois all at once.

Last night, he took me out for dinner at a French restaurant in the neighborhood. I chose Bistro Citron after hearing about it from a colleague. It was a bright, cheery place. My crispy duck on wild rice, with orange sauce, the Thursday special, was delicious. Before dinner, GH had surprised me by giving me a good-looking black travel-bag, a toiletries bag and underwear. He looked for days for the perfect bag, with the right look, color and price. He likes to give practical gifts.

Yesterday afternoon, I ran across Central Park to get to my gym. It felt good to be running outdoors, along the blue reservoir, past other runners and strollers, some in St. Patrick's green. Who would have thought that I would have Central Park for a jogging track? Let me relish this life while it visits me.

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