Sunday, September 18, 2011

Brooklyn Book Festival 2011

Roxanne was kind enough to invite me to share the table with her press, Poets Wear Prada. Somewhat to my surprise, I managed to sell seven books.

1. A woman quite soon after the start of the festival at 10 AM bought a copy of Seven Studies for her son, an English teacher who loves poetry.

2. Not too long after, another woman dipped into both of my books and bought Equal to the Earth on my recommendation that she get to know my work from the beginning. This sale is especially meaningful to me, for she liked enough what she read to pay for the risk of reading more of a stranger's work.

3. I sold another copy of Equal to a high-school junior who wants to write, and who loves T.S. Eliot, Allen Ginsberg and Cavafy.

4. A woman was thrilled to find Frida Kahlo and Egon Schiele in Seven Studies and bought a copy.

5. A colleague from school bought a copy of Equal.

6. An older gentleman liked what he read of Bob Hart's Lightly in the Good of Day, and bought a copy.

7. A music composer read Equal for a long while, went off, and then wandered back to buy a copy.

Besides my colleague, Sunu and Naomi dropped by too, the latter visiting for the weekend. Perry Brass, who organizes the Rainbow Book Fair, and Jerry Kajpust, who works for the Leslie / Lohman Gay Art Foundation, chatted with us. The day was a little chilly under the tent, but the sun brought the crowds out.

I did not go around the fair but did hear Kenneth Goldsmith speak as a part of a panel on the main stage. He was suited out in pink to play the provocateur, and gartered in pink-and-white-striped socks. After his reading, which I did not stay to hear, he walked past our table with flamboyant nonchalance.

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