Saturday, December 10, 2011

Poem: "I Understand and I Wish to Continue"

Mark Burnhope suggested I write a poem taking off from the title, after he visited this blog and read the warning page. Thanks, Mark!

I Understand and I Wish to Continue

Before he comes home, tired and faintly greasy
from office disappointments and crowded train,
I flick open my laptop to get off the head of steam
accumulated from an hour of workout at the gym.

The two men, one darkhaired and toned, a regular,
the other faircolored and fresh from his “first time,”
the website-speak for a solo jerkoff shoot, greet
each other’s body with no surprise but with speed

suggesting desire. They know the routine, as do I,
first one, then the other, sucking the other’s dick,
the tongue, through circles that it draws, darting,
the thrilling amble like an elephant’s into the ring.

The shouts mount in well-timed urgency, released
like flying handle bars and caught again on return.
The head falls backwards before the camera locks
on his dick when he can’t help what his body does.

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