Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Poem: "A Town Called Road: First and Second Reports"

A Town Called Road

After the departure of the gods resembling desire

            Tada Chimako, “The Town of Sleep”

First Report

The town looks open as the moon looks open.
It shines faintly and faraway even on the inside.
A silver road cuts through the heart, if a heart
can be called a heart when it heaves like a ship.

In the north, the local woods are taciturn
unless they are asked for a light,
and they will unfold from their sleeves a light
and their mouths will open.

It is easy to take a wrong turn.
The south, also called misleadingly the port side,
tilts towards the ships.

Second Report

The trade in hearts
is thriving like nowhere else. A full-grown heart
goes for a thousand dollars in broad daylight.

It is considered an act of deep friendship
to bring out from the kitchen and open
a fresh heart. Feelings, however, must be put aside;
a gift is a favor to be returned.

On TV public men speak by turns
of the nourishing taste of a good heart.
Down by the docks, on the far side,
I have seen a young woman’s face alight,
a moon-glow openness,
when hearts come in on a tanker ship.

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