Monday, February 20, 2012

"Between Sculptural and Flat"

Last Saturday, after a dinner of fried chicken with R, L and S, we headed over to numberthirtyfive gallery for the opening reception of SAME BUT INDIFFERENT. The new show by Robyn Voshardt and Sven Humphrey consists of a large-scale video installation called Insert Pause Here, and photographs. I particularly liked the photographs, especially Domination of Red I and II, the titles of which allude to the Wallace Stevens poem "Domination of Black." The red photographs were intense, the blue ones cool. They were all both sharp and tentative. The press statement describes them very well:
Voshardt/Humphrey’s photographs experiment with similar regenerative concerns and derivative processes across media. Metaphorical edits and cuts appear as bold diagonals and gashes. Colors and patterns are intense and reflective, or densely black. The image origin or reference point from within the artists’ own archive appears deliberately negated or obscured. Some images began as drawings and paintings, others as analog or digital photographs, and settle only temporarily in a fixed, unified surface before being reshuffled into another combination and form. In this process, the action of moving images affects the behavior of a page’s edge and its representation in the image. This occurrence places the work somewhere between real and manipulated, sculptural and flat.

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