Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Not Yet 64

Today's my birthday. I'm 42. I've just had breakfast with GH at our local diner Three Stars, talked to my mum, sister and niece on the phone, and finished a load of laundry. After typing this, I will be heading into Woodside, my old neighborhood, for a haircut and then lunch at my favorite Thai restaurant Sripraphai. On my way home I will pick up a birthday present and a bottle of wine for friends with whom we are having dinner tomorrow evening. The present is for their little girl who has the same birthday as I. I hope the afternoon stays warm enough to continue reading in the park Betty Friedan's The Feminine Mystique. Is there a more truthful and less man-hating book written from the perspective of American feminism? Tonight, when GH comes home, we will have dinner at Mirabelle, a French restaurant I love.

This is also the birthday of Lalita Sahasranaama. Born in 1984, she is 28 today, but could pass for someone much older. She is from Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu. A graduate of the Ethiraj College for Women, she moved to Singapore quite soon after graduation. I have not figured out what she is doing in Singapore yet. She wants to be a poet, that I know. Happy birthday, Lalita, the playful, the beautiful!


Patricia Markert said...

Happy late birthday, Jee. You could pass for someone much younger. I am glad that you are alive.



Jee Leong Koh said...

Very belated thanks, Patty. I wasn't checking my comments. I always appreciate hearing from you.