Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Adventures incited by WL

Last Friday, after having dinner at Buvette (French and Italian tapas place in Greenwich Village), I watched the film Teddy Bear with WL, DM and BCH at Film Forum. Directed and co-written by Mads Matthiesen, the movie followed a shy bodybuilder's search for love. Dennis had to leave the house in the Copenhagen suburb that he shared with his possessive mother for Thailand where he found true love after a series of mistrials.

The ensemble acting was terrific. Kim Kold was an endearing boy in a superman's body. Elsebeth Steentoft brought a frightening intensity to her role as the dominating mother. She was the emotional blackhole that nothing could fill. As true love Toi, Lamaiporn Hougaard was sweet but not saccharine. Her spirit rippled across her face when she was crossed.

WL invited me to hear Taka Kigawa play "The Art of Fugue" last night at (le) Poisson Rouge. Kigawa sounded jerky at the beginning as if he was slightly nervous. The playing was somewhat detached. "Remote" came to mind, but not necessarily in a negative sense. WL remarked that he played legato frequently, and so was less crisp in his articulation than WL liked in his Bach. He held down the last note a little too long. Afterwards we went to the 24-hour Cuban diner Coppelia for desserts. My torrejas de oliva, a kind of bread pudding, was very good.

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