"Hand to God" and Haiku

Am so glad that SW bought tickets to Hand to God. She invited me and MB along, and we had a terrific time at the Booth Theater yesterday. Written by Robert Askins, directed by Moritz von Stuelpnagel, the play was hysterically funny and very very darkly psychological about the moral split in the human soul. A foul-mouthed and violent puppet. Raunchy puppet sex. Steven Boyer was wonderful as the wounded teenager Jason and his sock puppet Tyrone. His mother Margery was played with painful clarity by Geneva Carr. Michael Oberholtzer was perfect as the sullen bully who lusted after Margery, his teacher in Christian Puppet Ministry. Also lusting after Margery, and applying subtle pastoral pressure on her to give it up, was Greg, the church pastor, played by Marc Kudisch. Sarah Stiles was rightly understated as Jessica as she was the only sane one. Emerging into broad daylight afterwards, we remained in the spell of the play for long minutes, still struggling with the devil we had just seen inside.


in the green pond
sunning turtles point the way
to mecca


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