Simon Critchley on David Bowie

"The technical proficiency of what he did with his voice, given his vocal range (he didn’t think his voice was good enough, back in the day), is often overlooked, the amount of time he spent in the studio just trying to get the right effect. Robert Fripp shares this story about watching Bowie in the studio, trying for hours to get his voice to match the emotion in the music. That’s complete artifice, complete inauthenticity, and yet he’s able to hit those feelings in a way no one else could. And what you feel when you hear that is something simply strong, powerfully true." The interview.


Ms. said…
Thank you for posting's a masterful and heart felt expression of what so many felt at his passing. I am a from afar admirer, and though I never owned a Bowie album, I was, over the decades, exposed to his genius through friends who were serious fans. now that he's gone, I know something of the depth and breadth of just what he was and am grateful for the legacy he left behind.

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