Foamy Days

Last night watched Mood Indigo (2013), original title L'écume des jours, which may be translated as "Foamy Days." Like its title, the movie was light and whimsical, until it turned dark. Wealthy inventive bachelor Colin (Romain Duris, who looked stunningly like BV) fell in love with Chloé (Audrey Tautou) who fell ill due to a flower growing in her lung. To keep her alive, he spent his fortune surrounding her with fresh flowers. At their first meeting, they danced to Duke Ellington's "Choe." Directed by Michael Gondry, the movie is based on the novel by Boris Vian.

Today, after a rainy and cold brunch, we walked into the greenhouse of the Urban Garden Center under the railway tracks in Harlem, and came out of it with a Peace Lily. It now sits on our desks between us in our studio. After trying out a few names, boys' and girls', we've decided, I think, to call it Chloe. Welcome, Chloe, to our lives.


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