Saturday, July 01, 2006

For Lonely

Lying on top of you, my arms and knees
support my body even as I grope
for how much of me your frame will carry.

You hold me closer, you’re not heavy. So
I lean a ladder into you, step hard
up, and clamber to the top window

to hear you play Chopin’s Etude in C
Minor. I enter through the window and drop
into your room. I sit down quietly.

You come to a passage hazardous and slow
like footsteps on decaying floorboards
of an old house. The pedal mutes the piano.

Then I become afraid you will not be
playing, beside me, with such quiet hope
forever, for night-fall, for lonely,

and what that will do to me. I tiptoe
to the window while stroking your forehead,
lean back into myself, walk away below.


tricia lockwood said...

So I lean a ladder into you, step hard up is wonderful, Jee. The conceit is good as well, and deftly handled.

Congratulations on Crate and G&L Review--very exciting.

Jee Leong Koh said...

what a pleasure to see you here! Thanks for leaving such a nice comment.