Wednesday, May 16, 2007

"Hungry Ghosts" pub. in "Boxcar Poetry Review"

The May issue of Boxcar Poetry Review is up. Do check it out. Here's Neil Aiken, the editor, on the issue:

A wide range of elegies; explorations of the complexity of love, of family, and of goodbyes; the problems of fate and portents; loss and return; what we leave behind. In this issue we walk through Buddhist hell, lose fathers and teachers, question, doubt, and sometimes believe. Arthur Westover's stunning photography once again accompanies our journey. We also are treated to a great interview with Oliver de la Paz conducted by Diana Park, and Tatiana Forero Puerta reviews Sally Bell's Annus Mirabilis.


* Jeffrey Alfier: "Last Words to an Old Miner Leaving Albuquerque"
* Jon Ballard: "Trees Make Me Think of Other Things"
* Pris Campbell: "Undertow"
* Heather Green: "Valentine's Day at the SF MOMA, Again"
* Rachel Eliza Griffiths : "Wake for Memory"
* Jee Leong Koh: "Hungry Ghosts"
* Ted McCarthy: "Lines with a Latin Dictionary"
* Rhonda Mino-Melanson: "Memories and Condolences"
* Tolu Ogunlesi: "On Reading 'A Wedding in Hell' by Charles Simic"
* Doug Ramspeck: "Oneiromancy"
* Sam Rasnake: "This is not my testament"
* Yun Wang: "Space Journal: Day Dreams"
* Joe Wilkins: "North Carolina By Greyhound: First Christmas After the Funeral"


* "Obsession, Grace, and the Second Book: An Interview with Oliver de la Paz" ~ Diana Park


* "Sally Ball's Annus Mirabilis - Logical Affect" ~ Tatiana Forero Puerta


* Arthur Westover: "Field" and "Walkway"

This issue is dedicated to my father Kenneth George Aitken (1947-2007), who passed away last month on April 21 from ALS. Although most of you never met him, he was a staunch supporter of this journal and of literature in general, and provided much encouragement at the onset of this endeavor. In fact, I wouldn't be here without his love for poetry -- as a young man he wooed my mother with poetry :)

We are currently behind schedule on the anthology, but are back to working on the layout and should have copies for sale at the end of June or beginning of July.


James Midgley said...

Nice one, Jee. I liked that poem a lot (in its Merciless incarnation).

Jee Leong Koh said...

Thanks, James. It did not get many comments in Merciless, and I've always wondered why. I'm glad to find a home for it.

James Midgley said...

I dare say I wouldn't have been much up to critting it back then, otherwise I might have had a go. I imagine the length may have put some critters off.

Jee Leong Koh said...

Yeah, I hesitate to crit very long poems myself.