Thursday, June 28, 2007

Last Night's PWP Launch Party

Many readers last night, whose books have been published or will be published by Poets Wear Prada this summer. I was the last to read. I read "My father doesn't know Zeus from Zeno" and "May good flowers always bloom for you" from the chapbook, and then read "Hungry Ghosts" and "There Is No Safety in Distance" from my Mermen manuscript. Winston was there, and John Marcus. (Thanks, guys, for the support!) Met Richard Weinraub for the first time, a brief but very pleasant introduction. George Held, of The Ledge, also liked my reading a lot. Sold three more books, to Laura Vookles, Alex Bleecker, and Patricia Carragon. The last two said they would get me to read at their series. All to the good. But now, in a stew of self-pity, as gooey as this New York City morning, I sigh, why can't I get my manuscript published?


June 27, 2007 (Wednesday) featuring PETER CHELNIK, SUSAN MAURER, SHERYL H. SIMLER, JEE LEONG KOH, IRIS BERMAN, BOB HEMAN, EFRAYIM LEVENSON, ALEX O. BLEECKER, RICKI STUART, BRANT LYON, LAURA VOOKLES, AUSTIN ALEXIS @ The Cornelia Street Café 29 Cornelia Street, NYC 10014. Hosted by Publishers/Editors: Roxanne Hoffman & Herbert Fuerst.

"New press, great authors, a publisher who is one miracle short of sainthood." -Angelo Verga

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