Friday, July 06, 2007

8 Things About Me

8 things Brent tagged me to tell about myself:

1. I chipped the back of a front tooth on the carrying handle of an M16 rifle during national service training. Your tongue will only feel the bump of the dental filling.

2. Of grandparents, I knew only my mother's mother and my father's father. Po-po ran a mahjong den in Chinatown after her husband died. Grandfather was a champion walker. He also walked out on his family to take up with someone else.

3. I've never been to China (including Hong Kong, excluding Taiwan).

4. When I was about seven or eight, I accidentally stepped on my pet chick. I tried to stuff the innards back but the chick died still. The only thing I kept after that was a bean sprout plant in a blue jelly cup. Don't over-analyze this.

5. I was a good boy when growing up, which is why I remember the crimes and punishments. My mother rubbed chili on my tongue when I told lies. When I was ten, I was caned in school for swinging on the wooden scaffold erected for a paint job. Two strokes. On the butt.

6. I had malaria in Kenya.

7. My biggest regret about Oxford is over my decision not to attend graduation, despite the fact that my family flew from Singapore for the occasion. I reasoned (!) that the Latin ceremony would be boring.

8. My first love was Darren Strange. There. I've named my love.


Brent Goodman said...

Wow you've had an interesting life so far! Thanks for playing.

Jee Leong Koh said...

Hi Brent,
as you can see, I share your exhibitionist streak.