Thursday, February 07, 2008

Readings so far...

I've done a few readings this year, and more to come, so I am thinking of a way of keeping track of things . . .

Jan 26 Brownestone Poets, at 5th Ave Restaurant & Diner, Brooklyn.

Jan 28 Poetry Project at St. Mark's Church, East Village

Feb 4 Saturn Series at Nightingale Lounge, East Village

My workshop with Marie Ponsot at 92nd Street Y began again last night. I submitted my "Equal to the Earth" manuscript since I have not added enough to "The Book of the Body" to justify another discussion of it. The original ten students have dropped to six, so now each 2 1/2-hour session will be devoted to one manuscript. Mine is coming up for discussion next week. Hopefully I will get a lot out of the class. Last night, Marie read something by Robert Louis Stevenson, but I could not place it. Going down the river with trees on both sides etc.

Jane read a good poem about the rippling aftershocks of maternal love. Kevin read a John Hollander poem from "The New Yorker." I did not understand why Hollander chose "March" in a line "the dead March of a dry winter" when depicting winter's freeze. The (unintended) pun is distracting, and the temporality of a month seems to contradict permanent stillness. Audrey told of being at a picnic in the Lakes District with William Empson. He was working on some math equation the whole time, and was served and chivvied around by his formidable South African wife.

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