Thursday, February 21, 2008

Spring Break at Bacchus

We tasted wines from Spain and Latin America this evening. Nothing that was very exciting. One was too vegetal. Another had a great floral bouquet, but very simple flavor. One wine smelled like a Riesling, but did not taste as good. The grape Carmenere, a spicier version of Merlot, I did not care very much for. The only wine that I liked was the Monte Oton Garnacha. I also had my first fresh Caipirinhas. It was made in front of us with lime, Domino sugar and Leblon Cachaca. Leblon Cachaca is a rum, but made with pure cane sugar, instead of the refined stuff, and so it is a little more potent, like having dashes of tequila. It was a refreshing mixed drink.

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