Saturday, March 27, 2010

2nd Annual Rainbow Books Fair

Shared a table with Nemo and his Exot Press at the fair this year. I thought I would like the CUNY Graduate Center better than last year's location in LGBT center, but as the afternoon went on, the Concourse felt more and more sterile and the lighting harsher. Nemo described the place aptly as a filing cabinet. The LGBT hall was grungier and more homey. I sold six copies of ETTE, one to Roxanne Hoffman, one to David, one to Nemo, and a couple to friends who knew me on Facebook, and whom I met for the first time in person. At the poetry reading, I was moved by the sight of Mr. Leslie of the Leslie/Lohman Gay Art Foundation crying at the reading of Persistent Voices, an anthology of poems by writers who died of AIDS. I thought I would like my poems to provide some kind of comfort to someone grieving like him. They may not be about AIDS, but they could have an aesthetic shape that gives a recuperative effect.

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