Saturday, March 06, 2010

Talking Heads and Hungry Ghosts

Attended the Scope Arts Fair with VM this afternoon. Daniel and Magdalena's Talking Heads were the hit of the Fair, and put them in a good place to be invited to the Armory Show. I can't wait to see my Talking Head, when they bring the new installation to New York once it is done. Artworks I liked and remember: tires carved out of marble; a red Sasquatch painting; a big photograph of a broken chair in a courtyard paved with flagstones; tenements and alley painted on cardboard from discarded boxes; a blouse made up of ropes of brown hair. Can't remember the names of the artists, more's the pity.

After the art fair, I read at Otto's Shrunken Head, at the invitation of Obsidian and Hobo Bob. Read two poems from ETTE, and then the new poems that take Eavan Boland and Elizabeth Bishop for their departure. Greg came to hear me read, as did John Marcus. Sold a book to Alan Hyde, who learned about me from a friend who forwarded my poem to him. Traded books with Tom Savage.

Yi-Sheng emailed me to say that my poem "Hungry Ghosts" has been accepted for GASPP: a Gay Anthology of Singapore Prose and Poetry. A sequence of Chinese personae poems, it is the most directly Singaporean work in the book, I think.


Patricia Markert said...

Congratulations, Jee, on the publication. I can't wait to see the Talking Head either.

Jee Leong Koh said...

Thanks, Patty. I have always wanted to be animated.