Saturday, February 12, 2011

"Terence" by Eric Norris

Eric Norris has just published his experimental short story, Terence, complete with advance praise by William Shakespeare, W. H. Auden, and The Daily Mail. Book description on Lulu:

'Terence' is a comic translation of A.E. Housman's book, 'A Shropshire Lad.' 'Terence' tells the story of one young man's enduring love for another, complicated by the untimely appearance of his Muse, a cow.

Knowing Eric, I am sure the book is filled with literary high jinks and piercing moral insights. He talks with Wendy Chin-Tanner about the book and self-publishing at The Nervous Breakdown. The interview is opinionated and funny, and so makes a contribution to that often tiresome genre.

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Shropshirelad said...

You are wonderful. Full stop.