Thursday, November 23, 2006

Three Minutes and Ten Seconds

The bus to Pittsburgh rushes down the tunnel
and so I start to time how long it takes
to come up on the other side of the Hudson.

On my right, a boy, of college age, is reading
Genet's Funeral Rites. The book holds him
quite still, his body carved to hold the book,

just as my watch, a lover's gift, holds me
eyeing its hand wiping its white face. When
he turns a page, the bus sees day again.

It is not what you think. I have not been
resurrected through this fair freshman
and his encounter with a deathless art,

but this young man has touched eternity
because in the unheated Greyhound bus, the day
before Thanksgiving, I have taken time.


sarcasmus said...

more strong language!!! yah hooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Jee Leong Koh said...

Hi Dan,
good to hear from you! I'm visiting Jason and Wendi right at this moment.

Jee Leong