Friday, April 13, 2007

15. Back of the Neck, Neck-slue

Names are directions, for instance, right hand,
back of the head,
inner thigh,
but where does neck-slue point to?

Worse, there are no fingerposts
to the point where the small of the back divides
into butt-cheeks,
or to any point on their vast, smooth and firm terrain.

Like an astronomer, I could name the features I observe
through powerful lenses or advanced techniques,
but I prefer
to bounce on them and boast like an astronaut:

this pimple shall be known as the Hill-By-Which-Passion-Navigates,
this birth-stain Lake Pleasant,
and this steep-sided fall between the cheeks
the Valley of the Shadow of Death.

Plan for this poem-in-progress

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