Sidnea D'Amico at Reaves Gallery

Reaves Gallery opened recently along Market Street, SF. The space was a white box, when I visited it this morning, with works by many artists on its three walls, and a big office desk at the back. I was particularly drawn to the work of the Brazilian artist Sidnea D'Amico, who settled in the US to develop her art career, mainly in the genres of painting and mixed media. The brilliant primary colors of her paintings seem to harken back to her days as a jewellery designer, while the geometric shapes and lines, the playfulness of which reminds me of Miro, the minimalism of Mondrian, seem to owe something to her study of photography.

I cannot find the painting that I like especially: it has a cheerful yellow background, with coiled red wires hanging from the ceiling of the painting. But this painting from her website, from the same series "Siesta in the City," also gives a good idea of her work.

Another series, "Whimsy," orchestrates line, color and shape in a joyful, carnivalesque dance.


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