Sunday, December 16, 2007

Turning Homosexuality Off and On

Interesting NYT article on fruitflies research. I was alerted to it by Harry's blog, Heraclitean Fire. After reading some of the comments on the article, this one by Randy sticks with me:

A drug that could effectively control sexuality would be a bad deal for homosexuals and they will have contributed to the deal. The gay community has badly argued that their sexuality is something that they can’t control and THAT’S why they should not be discriminated for it.

What they should be arguing is that sexuality is a private and personal mattter and THAT’S why they shouldn’t be discriminated for it.

With the ability to change effectively their sexual orientation there will be no reason to argue against bigots who think that homosexuality is morally wrong and reprehensible, and who promote anti-gay bias and discrimination.

It’s time for the gay community to stop making the “I can’t help that I’m gay” argument, and start making the “Stay out of my sex life” argument now.


Anonymous said...

All along, I've thought the argument "I'm born this way; if you think I can choose, would I be gay?" doesn't hold water at all mostly because it privileges heterosexuality and implies that homosexuality is inferior. A better argument will be: "I choose to be gay because it's in my institutional, democratic rights."

Jee Leong Koh said...

Or, to put your argument in another way, "I like having sex with men. Stay out of my face."