Sunday, May 04, 2008

Omai: Vietnamese restaurant in Chelsea

The Quarterback brought me to this restaurant for dinner. For appetizer, we had the calamari which was very tender, juicy, and spicer than first taste might suggest. It also tasted strongly of mint. The Quarterback had chicken, vegetable and rice in claypot. The vegetable was bak choy. The food was clear, not overly sauced. My roasted duck tasted nicely of smoke too. The ginger orange sauce was tasty and, thankfully, not overpowering or thick. We had a glass of merlot and a glass of pinot noir. Neither wine was anything special. The meal came up to about $60. Not cheap.

The Headhunter's all-purpose 5-point scale:
Food-- * * * 1/2
Value-- *
Service-- * * *
Atmosphere-- * * * *

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