Monday, May 05, 2008

Sunday Brunch at Florent

I liked the self-deprecating self-description on the website of this "New York instutiton," even before visiting the restaurant. Enticingly described as a grease spoon, it has seen the neighborhood, the meatpacking district, posh up its act, but, unperturbed, it continues to serve its eclectic clientele its good diner fare. It is closing soon, however, giving me another reason to visit it before it goes the way of all good things. I had a portabello mushroom and goat cheese wrap. The mushroom came in chunks, and the cheese in a generous helping. The Quarterback had the special sandwich: blackened swordfish. It was rather small, as sandwiches and burgers go in this country, but it was delicious. I tasted the warm chocolate cake too. Its center was liquid chocolate, though that afternoon's version was not liquidy enough. Reservation is advisable because it gets very crowded.

The Headhunter's all-purpose 5-point scale:
Food-- * * * *
Value-- * * * *
Service-- * * *
Atmosphere-- * * * 1/2

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