Sunday, March 22, 2009

Call for Retakes of My Work

Someone suggested I ask people record themselves reading my poems or make videos of them, for posting on Youtube, Facebook and my book blog. I think it would be really interesting to get other people's take on the poems. I will call them Retakes. No prizes, just the joy of making. So if you are interested, send your Retakes to My new book of poems, and the details on Retakes, can be found here


Last night, I read my poems for the thin air cable show that George Spencer and Mitch Corber are reviving. I've been interviewed for radio before, but not TV. The interview took place in George's apartment in the Village. While waiting for our turn, Eric, Miriam and I sat in the kitchen chatting about David Lynch and John Waters, and downing red wine. When it was my turn, I went to the living room where the lights and camera had been set up. 

First time meeting Mitch. He read me a fine poem about a woman, using the Shakespearean metaphor of accounting, with an echo of Eliot. His voice was very controlled, very impressive. He was the director, producer and cameraman while George interviewed me about Frank O'Hara and slant rhymes in Payday Loans; my relationship to the English language; my attraction to Philip Larkin; ars poetica; the water imagery in my poetry. 

The show will be broadcast on a local TV channel. I hope to get a tape of it afterwards. 


glbynum said...

Congratulations Jee Leong! I hope I get to see that sometime.


Jee Leong Koh said...

I'll certainly post it when I get it.

glbynum said...

Great - thank you.