Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Iris N. Schwartz's "If I Should Try to Replace the Late, Great Stella Graciella"

I'll be up in the air tonight, and come down to land only on Friday at 6.30 AM, Singapore time. In the meantime, here's a delightful poem by Iris N. Schwartz, a poet I enjoy hearing on the NYC poetry scene.

If I Should Try to Replace the Late, Great Stella Graciella

…by getting two

cats, I would name them

Eros and Thanatos.

More than likely, though,

I will adopt just one,

because I want a pet that pines

all day long for me.

A singular human-feline

bond sanctions no pussy-

footing with a third.

If I bring

home one cat,

I might name it



or Sven, because

it would be indecorous,

in the evening, calling

out for Eros

or Thanatos, alone.


Stef said...

I love this poet's work too and glad you posted it!

Brian said...

Hello Jee! This is very funny. Thanks for posting it.