Monday, July 20, 2009

Now I am on Brooklyn TV too

from George Spencer, the indefatigable host and producer of the Poetry Thin Air Cable Show:

Brooklyn Poets & Others;

Hopefully we are up and going with B-CAT. We will be on at 5:30 PM every Wednesday thanks to the hard work of Iris Berman, our Brooklyn Producer and Doer of Magic in organizing this.

This Wednesday is Jee Leong Koh and Miriam Stanley. They're on 35, 42, 68 and 83. If you want to watch it via the internet stream go to



2. THEN GO TO BCAT online

3. Now that you're on BCAT, LAUNCH BCAT 2 PLAYER

4. If it asks you to choose an application, check the VLC you just downloaded

5. The VLC player will pop up but the show won't play until you press the forward arrow.

Stay Tuned


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