Saturday, November 06, 2010

Proud Owner of an IPad

First post to my blog made from my new iPad. An early Christmas present from my sis and brother-in-law when we were in the Bethesda Apple store. As I told them, I will have to reconfigure my life now. Instead of toggling between Google calendar and a black schedule book, I can now put all events on my iPad calendar, and bring it with me wherever I go. On the train, I can read Yeats or the New York Times or Winnie the Pooh without bringing any of them. I can also make notes for poems without searching for scraps of paper or bits of lead. After resisting the lure of iTunes, I have succumbed and bought Yo-Yo Ma's performance of Suite for Solo Cello, No. 1 by Bach. Finally I have computing power and the Internet on the go. Will this turn me into a techie? No chance of that, but it has dispersed some of my technophobia.

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