Thursday, November 04, 2010

Reading at Sarah Lawrence College

Read last night at Sarah Lawrence College, with Ron Egatz, Jean Hartig and Rachel Eliza Griffiths. Rachel and I workshopped with Stephen Dobyns during our MFA. She is returning to Sarah Lawrence next fall, but this time as faculty. A number of students, undergrads and grads, came, and a few faculty, including Kevin Pilkington and Patrick Rosal.

A few people told me afterwards that they liked my reading. I hope they liked the poems as much, if not more. It's hard to tell since no one bought a book. I returned to the city poorer by the cost of my train fare. Chris Hanson-Nelson, who organized the reading, spent more time, effort and money than I did. It was generous of him. I don't think the college should presume on the generosity of its alums. It might not have the money to pay us for reading, but it could at least reimburse our travel expenses in some imaginative way.

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Ocean Vuong said...

This is odd , Jee. I read there twice and was compensated handsomely on top of travel expenses.

I mean, the college has money. There's no excuse, especially with alums who are probably still paying their loans from SLC.