Monday, November 22, 2010

"Ganymede Unfinished" Reviewed and "Asymptote" Launched

Gregory Woods reviews Ganymede Unfinished, edited by Bryan Borland as a tribute to the late John Stahle.
... It is an apt tribute to Stahle, serious and stylish; even if it is, perhaps, less selective than he might have been with some of its weaker material. The creative content gets off to a reassuringly solid start, with fine poems by Jee Leong Koh and Matthew Hittinger....


Yew Leong Lee launches a new journal dedicated to literary translations. Conceived in Singapore, but edited from different parts of the world, Asymptote is now calling for submissions of translations of fiction, non-fiction, drama and poetry. From the website:

Already in the lineup for our quarterly online magazine, slated for a Jan 2011 launch, are a despatch from Afghanistan, translated from the Farsi, about the plight of women in the context of the ongoing war, an essay from Japan by a noted mathematician cum essayist entitled “Literature and Mathematics”, a group of poems from Melih Cevdet Anday, writing in the manner of a famous 17th century folk poet, translated from the Turkish by Sidney Wade and Efe Murad, a dramatic excerpt from the critically-acclaimed "Nadirah", translated from the Malay by Alfian Sa'at, one of Singapore's top playwrights, and an interview with the Golden Melody Award-winning Chinese lyricist who not only brought the 2010 World Cup Song into Mandarin but has done some nifty things with Cantonese and Mandarin as well.

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