Sunday, April 14, 2013

Poem: "A Position of Defeat 14"


without a doubt the sun from house to house
flushes out the subversive elements
brother betrays brother to the agents
the son drags forth the mother by her blouse

words fall in line behind the party line
or else escape with papers underground
the suspects are required to walk around
with foreheads branded with a dollar sign

having denounced my love to the committee
i podcast verses to the greater love
of sexual rights and scientific proof
love’s anti-authority authority

i should fall silent at so fraught a time
a decent man would choose not to speak
but when the world offers its other cheek
i have to torch the fat off with a rhyme

and when my usefulness is finally done
finally will come a knuckle on my door
at least i hope to be accounted for
by the incomparable agents of the sun

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