Poem: "A Position of Defeat 30"

30. A Manifesto for Defeatism

in honor of Matthew Edison Bremer, aka “Sean,” who had everything and took his life

we cannot climb up to the sun
we cannot sink deep in the earth
coming from plenty or from dearth
we cannot change one thing thats done

we cannot separate love from lust
we cannot be but drawn to power
cantering through the hoops of hours
we cannot stop us from being us

we buy the world and we are bought
we sell the lot and we are sold
everything has its price in gold
every thought that will be thought

the west indies poet last night
invoked dante and arnaut daniel
the servers three handsome devils
tipped to the salon full of whites

so tall and beautiful was one
i lost all interest in the voice
going on about chiasmus
and longed to fuck him in the kitchen

he was far too professional
to mix together work and fun
the poet going on about puns
had no qualms about being on call

the good we do produces evil
the evil good despite intent
the web delivers discontent
to the licentious and the lethal

against the will to kill oneself
the agencies have no defence
we cannot stop lifes offence
life cannot comprehend death


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