Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The beautiful white sails wander into

The beautiful white sails wander into
the whirlpool of the kitchen sink,
clotted cheese, carrot bits, green
gum swirled down the city’s throat.

Some nights something at the throat
catches, the restaurant turns into
a tank, then I see in the dark green
water the plates and silver sink,

and after them the divers sink
down the comfortable throat,
their small lights algaed green,
their small bodies curling into

shrimps, into worms, sinking,
and turning, down the dark green throat.


Rui said...

This is very filmic. i think it'll work really well as a 5-minute short film.

On another note, some time in the distant future, one of the academics studying your work will be writing a paper on the sea as a metaphor of liminality in your writing. Or something along those lines.

Jee Leong Koh said...

Hi rui,
you are right, I think, about the film quality of this one. The visual elements, the colors.

Rui said...

and also the music, which i can hear in the background and would describe to you if i could.

:) unabashedly musical