Friday, April 17, 2009

Poem: A Lover's Recourse (Dedication)

dédicace / dedication

To the new temple built with stones the hue of pigeons,
I dedicate these seven pairs of feral rock pigeons.

Three roads crisscross to form a triangular park.
Scatter sunflower seeds and they will bring the pigeons.

To celebrate a son a village roasts a pig
but lovers feast on twisted skewers of wood pigeons.

Not only to the Japanese is a gift a claim.
You know I want too much in exchange for these pigeons.

Choose perfection of the life or of the work,
cries the large angel with a voice damn like a pigeon’s.

I stand on a small stage before a blank audience,
and pull from a white glove a fluttering grey pigeon.

He does not wish to choose between a dove and dove.
In Jee’s ribcage contracts the muscle of a pigeon.

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