Saturday, April 04, 2009

"Poems of Romance"

My poem "You Know, Don't You" has just been published in this anthology edited by William Roetzheim, a poet I know from Poetry-Free-For-All. The anthology is divided into sections: one, Courting, Beauty and Unrequited Love; two, Lust; three, Love; four, Commitment; five, Separation; six, Philandering and Temptation; and seven, Redemption. I am in Lust. No love or redemption there. But no Separation, either. 

William includes with new poems by living writers old poems by dead ones. Elizabeth Barrett Browning is here, with four "Sonnets from the Portuguese." Shakespeare is the guest of honor, represented by six poems, the most number in the book. Petronius Arbiter, Amy Lowell, Robert Herrick, William Blake, Emily Dickinson and Omar Khayam also drop in. I sit at the table between John Keats ("O Blush Not So") and Ezra Pound ("Tame Cat"). I remind you we are sitting at the table of lust. 

The book comes with a spoken word poetry audio CD containing selected poems. 

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